Monday, June 16, 2014

Fake Trailers

Best of Fake Trailers

We at Phantasmagoria Productions are studying some fake trailers to see about the viability of making one nowadays to raise money for a feature, but we haven't been so lucky. Contact us if you find one or know of one.

The Grindhouse (2007)trailers are important since some were made into movies since.


Hobo With a Shotgun

Honorable Mentions
These are mostly parodies, and we're looking for fake trailers to movies people want to make or have been made since. These links will take you straight to the video site.

Italian Spiderman
Really got a lot of the feel down right.

New {Fake} Trailer
Slow mo shot of Bill Murray and others. It's possible if you've got a good name attached, but this is just a parody.

Hamlet Arnold Schwarzenegger
From Last Action Hero (1993).

From Grindhouse (2007) but not made into a movie...yet.

There were several from Kentucky Fried Movie (1977), but they have nudity and probably won't be up long on YouTube.

Catholic High School Girls in Trouble
Cleopatra Schwartz

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